O.S.P has been rated as Japan's No.1 lure maker.
Our products are not placed on the market until they have been thoroughly tested during development and proven to outperform other lures.
We believe that we need to go beyond the use of conventional designs and materials in order to produce an extraordinary lure.
We have implemented new standard setting technologies to improve performance.
As a result, our products not only surpass other products, but also exceed all the limits imaginable for a plastic lure.
So be prepared, the top-performing Japanese lures are coming to the U.S. in 2006!

Toshinari Namiki's 2005 Tournament Results
  Wal-Mart FLW Tour
    Overall point standing: 2nd
    Earnings: $188,000
    Number of tournaments won: 1
    Number of Top-10 tournament finishes: 4
    Weight of largest day's catch: 21lbs. 11oz.

    4th Place - Tour #1 Lake Okeechobee
    Champion - Tour #3 Ouachita River
    5th Place - Tour #5 Lake Wheeler
    5th Place - Tour #6 Potomac River

  Cabela's Top Gun Championship
    2nd Place - Eagle Mountain Lake

  Ranger Cup Point Standing - 2nd

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